Second-Grade Class News

Debra Mackie, Second-Grade Teacher



Dear Parents,

This is your last second grade letter of the school year. There are just a few items to mention. Over the year I collected samples of work which I put together in their notebook. I hope you enjoy seeing your child’s projects and writing assignments. Also included is a DVD of pictures from second grade.

Summer Work: Everyone should be reading chapter books over the summer. The Chicago Library has several reading programs available. They were all pretty good at math, but should practice adding and the least favorite, subtracting. We also worked on multiplying and simple division. I don’t want them to forget how to do the math for next year. There is a workbook available called Summer Bridge that Mrs. Callaghan suggests to her class that also have a book at our level.

Also the handwriting book went home for extra practice on cursive. They had really improved as a class in their cursive. They are welcome to write me letters over the summer. I would love to send a response to their letters. They could even send a postcard from your vacation.

A BIG “Thanks” to anyone who has sent in extra supplies, treats for special days, came in for lunch time or recess, signed homework folders, returned Friday folders, worked at home on assignments for second grade, went on a field trip, or anything else I forgot to mention. Your help and support during the year has been very important and greatly appreciate.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your children. They have been a very important part of our success this year. They have worked hard, played hard, laughed and talked a lot, tried to be “SERIOUS” about their work, and learned to love and care for each other. I will miss them. I look forward to seeing them next school year as they come up the stairs and head for the other hallway and their new classroom. Those who are not planning to return in the fall, you will be missed by all. Please know that there is always a place for you at St. John’s, should you want to return.

Have a blessed summer, see you in the fall.

In Christ,

Mrs. Mackie





Sun. 6-3              Church Picnic    See you there!


Mon. 6-4             Everyone needs a LUNCH!          

                             Readers’ Theater Unit 6 Lesson 35         All late Memory is due.

                             All Native American reports turned in.

                             Please return all St. John’s textbooks.

                             Backpack needed to take home items from their desk.

Pets at School Day 2:00-3:00  


Tues. 6-5             NO MEMORY    LUNCH!  Backpacks needed.



Wed. 6-6             Chapel then dismiss at 10:30   



          I have more maple tree sprouts if you want more.







Mrs. Mackie





Mon. 5-28       Memorial Day NO SCHOOL


Tues. 5-29       No Spelling pretest Reading Unit 6 Lesson 29     

                        Memory: For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your doing; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8  


Wed. 5-30       Chapel   S & T- Native American item from your home


Thurs. 5-31     Memory: All make up memory needs to be done by Mon. 6-4. A sheet will be sent home on Tues. with the late memory highlighted for those who want to receive a grade. If all memory is complete, there is no memory.


Fri. 6-1            Spelling and Reading test Lesson 29


   Pets at School: There’s still time to send in your form for pets that will

be visiting on 6/4/18 from 2-3 pm. All parents are invited to join us in our

room even if you are not sending in a pet.


        Our Wendella boat trip today was awesome! Everyone, child,

Parent, Mr. Bryant, Mrs. & Mr. Mackie had a great time. Thanks to our

Hot Lunch ladies that fed some of the class once we got back, the moms

who stayed for lunch and all those who watered children while on the trip.


Have a blessed weekend,

Mrs. Mackie




Mon. 5-21             Spelling and Reading lesson 28 pages. 394-427

Worms –We will be gathering some Earthworms to do a classroom experiment. Everyone can bring in earthworms that they find in their yard or collect from others. At school, we will watch how they work in the soil. At the end of the year we will send them to a good garden to make it their new home. I already have some that my grandsons found in their yard, which I will be bringing to class on Mon. I’m also looking for a 5 or 10 gallon fish tank to use for the worms. If anyone has an old tank at home that we could use till the end of the year. A top for the tank would be nice, but is not necessary.

Tues. 5-22            Memory: Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. John 6:54

                             Library - last time, all books must be returned!

Wed. 5-23             Chapel    S & T – an item from a collection

                             Lunch in the gym for everyone at the same time. Bring your own lunch or a Hot Lunch you have already ordered. Lunch is NOT being provided. Cancel till a later date!

Thurs. 5-24          Memory: How can bodily eating and drinking do such great thing? Certainly not just eating and drinking do these things, but the words written here: “Given and shed for you for the forgiveness of sins.” These words, along with the bodily eating and drinking, are the main thing in the Sacrament. Whoever believes these words has exactly what they say: “forgiveness of sins.”         Social Studies Unit 4 test

Fri. 5-25               Spelling and Reading test Lesson 28 after our boat trip

                             Field trip on Wendella Boats



Monday we will start a short Native American unit. I have sent home the report papers today.

This way you can start collecting information on the tribe of your choice. There are many

tribes that were located in Illinois if you would like to keep it “Native ” to our state. Otherwise,

they can choose any tribe in the United States for their report. Parents can help with finding the

information and the graphic aid, but please let them do the writing on the report page. The will

be presenting their report to the class on the due date – 6/1/18. The report will be counted as

two grades – report content & the graphic aid presented.

          Map Testing: The last session went well. Those who were absent are being

asked to stay after school next week Mon. Tues. or Wed. Mrs. Franklin will be the

proctor for the makeup testing time. Please be sure that your child gets enough sleep

and eats a good lunch. Remind your child to take their time, read and answer

carefully. Please let me know what day tour child will be staying after school to

take the test, so I can tell Mrs. Franklin.


Have a blessed weekend,

Mrs. Mackie




Fri. 5-11               Mid – Quarter grades are on FastDirect after school. All my comments are listed under P.E. instead of just general comments. Sorry!

Book Fair/ Ice Cream Social

Sun. 5-13             HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

Mon. 5-14             Spelling and Reading lesson 27 pages

Tues. 5-15            Memory:     For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.

                             1st Corinthians 11:26               Library: no books will be taken only returned for the rest of the year.

Wed. 5-16             Chapel - S & T     

Thurs. 5-17          Memory: What is the benefit of such eating and drinking? These words, “given and shed for you for the forgiveness of sins,” show us that in the Sacrament forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation are given us through these words. For where there is forgiveness of sins, there is also life and salvation.

Fri. 5-18               ½ day - Spelling and Reading test Lesson 27



Map Testing: Mon. & Wed. afternoon

When you see the results, please note the length of time that was taken to complete the test.

Results for some will be affected by the speed in which the test was completed.         



          Field trip on 5/25: Wendella boat ride

          Field trip on 5/30:  We will see another play at 6 corners, leaving after Chapel

          Pets at School date will be Monday, 6/4/18 from 2-3 p.m. More information in a few

          weeks, along with a return sheet to let me know your pet will be visiting.


P. E. Class: We are learning the old art of jumping rope. Many could use some extra help at

home. I have plenty of jump ropes if you need to borrow one for a few weeks. Also, I’m

looking for a second rope turner to help me next week teach them how to jump in when two are

turning the rope. P.E. class is Tuesday 1:10-1:50 & Thursday 2:30-3:00. You could even

demonstrate for me since my jumping days are over. 


Have a blessed weekend,

Mrs. Mackie