Second-Grade Class News

Debra Mackie, Second-Grade Teacher


Second Grade News: 12-14-18


Mon. 12/17          No Spelling or Reading test due to the busy week. We will work on Christmas stories and book reviews.


Tues. 12/18          MEMORY: Suddenly a great company of angels appeared, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rest.” Luke 2:13-14



Wed. 12/19           Chapel is moved to Friday    

                             PTL Cookie Walk - Please drop off 3-6 dozen homemade or bakery cookies in the gym kitchen. Please check the Parent Bulletin for the times.        


Thurs. 12/20        MEMORY: The shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.” Luke 2:15                          Social Studies Unit 2 test?


Fri. 12/21             1/2 day   Chapel   Christmas party 10 -11:30 AM    

Party treats: Everyone may bring a treat or prize to share with the class.

You can check with Mrs. Radcliff or Mrs. Wright to see what is needed for the party food & drink.


NEXT WEEK: We will finish reading the Christmas storybooks to the class. Some have already read their story and have done very well.

They are making a Christmas shadow box from the shoebox. I have some shoeboxes for those who don’t have one, so you don’t have to find one to send next week

Please note the special days for next week as listed in the Parent Bulletin.  I will take pictures of your child each day, if they are participating in the dress up for the day. If they are not dressing for the special day, school uniforms are required.




Only 11 days till Christ comes,

Mrs. Mackie


Second Grade News: 12-7-18


Next week we will begin reading Christmas storybooks to the class. Some students already have an idea for the book they would like to read. A book from home or one from the library can be chosen.  Library books from our collection can be used.  If you can’t find a book, I will find one from school.  Please have your child practice with you at home.  You may want to pick a short book to make it easier to read the entire book without any trouble.


Mon. 12/10           Spelling and Reading lesson 11: We didn’t have enough time to finish the work for the lesson.  Christmas speaking parts and songs need to be memorized.  We will use the old words for: Oh, Come, Little Children. I sent home a copy to learn.                                  


Tues. 12/11          MEMORY: Christmas songs as needed.  


Wed. 12/12          NO Show & Tell     Chapel        Christmas service at 7PM - Please have your child in our classroom at 6:30 dressed in their Sunday best.  They will leave coats in lockers, use the restroom and line up to process into church. They will return to the room after the service to be picked up by an adult.         


Thurs. 12/13        NO MEMORY


Fri. 12/14             Spelling and Reading test for lesson 11    Dorcas Children’s Bazaar - If you are sending money with your child to shop, please put it in a wallet or marked envelope.  You may also want to use the shopping list sent home for those who need a present. Also an extra plastic bag or shopping bag may be needed to bring home the items.


ART: Everyone will need a shoe box with lid for a project we will start next week. If you

have extra or need one, please let me know.




Only 18 days till Christ comes,

Mrs. Mackie


Second Grade News: 11-30-18


Sat. 12-1             Breakfast with Santa 8:30-11:30 with the Vendor Fair        


Mon. 12/3             Spelling & Reading: Unit 3 Lesson 11 page 322-357 Jamaica Louise James


Tues. 12/4            MEMORY: Christmas Program practice in class    Library


Wed. 12/5            Show & Tell    Chapel

                             Gr. 3-8 Christmas Service at 7 PM    


Thurs. 12/6           MEMORY: Christmas songs    Field Trip – please return permission slip on Mon.


Fri. 12/7               Spelling and Reading test for lesson 11


                             FRIDAY - Last Book order is due to make it by the deadline for Christmas delivery. If the books are a present, let me know and I will keep them for you to pick up . The November order was sent in on 11/30. However, if you wanted to still order books from those flyers, it is fine.


Starting next week we will begin reading Christmas storybooks to the class. A book from home or one from a library can be chosen.  Library books from last week can be read.  If you can’t find a book, I will find one from school.  Please have your child practice with you at home.  You may want to pick a short book to make it easier to read the entire book without any trouble.


Social Studies went home today for those who need to finish the test at school on Monday and for those who need to make corrections.


New pencils, crayons, glue and erasers are needed by many. Please check with your      child to see if they are in need. New supplies are a great stocking stuffer.


Only 25 days till Christ comes,

Mrs. Mackie


Second Grade: 11/20/18


Thurs. 11/22                HAPPY THANKSGIVING


Mon. 11/26       Spelling & Reading: Lesson 10 page 302-319. Please be sure that your child is reading the weekly stories at home. The grades on the Friday test have some room for improvement. The book was sent home several weeks ago, and was meant to be kept at home to read every day. I have enough copies left at school for everyone to use on Wed. when we read in class. Many are not reading the story enough or at all at home and can’t answer the comprehension questions or remember details for the test. Also helpful would be to learn the High Frequency words and the Student Friendly vocabulary words.


Tues. 11/27                   MEMORY: Blessed are the peacemakers. Matthew 5:9     Library


Wed. 11/28                 Show & Tell       Chapel         


Thurs. 11/29                MEMORY: I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. Genesis 28:1


Fri. 11/30                     Spelling & Reading test lesson 10   


            I will also be sending home Christmas program parts early next week that will need to be worked on at home and school in order for us to know the parts and songs in the 2 weeks.


                                    A writing assignment will be given for each holiday to explain your family traditions. 

The first writing assignment was sent home for Thanksgiving and is due on Tuesday.

Writing:   Turkey - Write about your family traditions at Thanksgiving on the lined paper. If needed you can use

the back of the paper to continue the story.  Decorate the plain turkey as a cover sheet. Do not cut out the turkey

pages and turn in on Tuesday.   

Outside recess during the winter requires hats, gloves and boots.  Snow pants are needed for your child to play kneeling or sitting on the snow.  Boots are needed to go on the snow.  School shoes can be left in the locker or on their chair when boots are worn, to save carrying them back and forth or forgetting them at home. Boots are not to be worn in the classroom as shoes. You can send an extra pair of socks and gloves to be kept in the locker should they be needed.

The heat in our classroom is sometimes a problem – too hot or not enough. You may want to send your child with a navy blue or white sweater.  The gray sweatshirts can be worn in the classroom over the collared shirt. However, if the sun is shining, we will need to be in short sleeves as the temperature reaches 80 and the windows are open.

Book orders are due on 11/29. I will not be doing another book order until January unless someone needs them for Christmas once we get into December. It takes about 10 days to get the order. I can hold books for you to pick-up if they are Christmas presents.

Gym classes are on Tuesday and Thursday. All girls will need to wear pants on those day. We will be using scooter and it will be easier and safer if they are not in a dress or skirt. Also, if they have long enough hair for a ponytail, it would be a good idea so they don’t roll over their hair when they are laying down on the scooter.

PTL: The class project Snowman was sent home yesterday. Your child is to decorate both sides. Please nothing too heavy since it will be hung across the gym for the Santa Breakfast. The projects are due on Monday so they will be here in time for the breakfast. 



Have a Blessed Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Mackie




Mon. 11-19-18     Food Drive donations     Social Studies Unit 1 test


Tues. 11-20-18     MEMORY: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. John 1:1 & 2

Library books returned.  Food Drive donations last day.

Spelling & Reading: Test Unit2 Lesson 10


Wed. 11-21-18   NO SCHOOL


Thurs. 11-22-18   Happy Thanksgiving!   Enjoy the long holiday weekend.


Book orders due:  November & Holiday order forms were sent home today.  They are due on 11/29. I want to get the order in for November so that it will be here in time for Christmas presents. If you are getting books as a present and want me to keep them for you to pick up, just let me know.


Thanksgiving Traditions: Everyone will be asked to write about their family traditions over the holiday. I will send home the lined turkey paper and a turkey to be decorated as the cover sheet next week.





God’s Blessings,

Mrs. Mackie