Fifth-Grade Class News

 Robin Rocans, Fifth-Grade Teacher


Fifth Grade News - May 31st

Here is one of the many reasons I love fifth graders, especially these particular fifth graders:  Even though there are only a few days of school left, everyone is still working and not even complaining about it! 

We started two new projects - one about decades in Social Studies and one about planets in Science, and everyone was excited to do research and come up with a creative presentation.  We also started a new chapter in Math on probability, continued reading our World War II novel, Number the Stars, and had a visit from Pastor during Religion to talk about Confirmation.  In Gym we started a new unit on tennis, and some of the kids are pretty good at it.  Also the fifth grade ACTS group led Chapel on Wednesday, and did a great job of sharing their message about the price of heaven.  Thanks to Mrs. Jurica for making this possible for the kids.  

On Friday the kids cashed in their coupon for Popcorn With the Principal, and we used that as an opportunity to get to know Mr. Green a little better by coming up with questions to ask him.  Thanks again to the PTL and the parents that made these fun activities possible.

Speaking of fun things, there's a bunch of them going on here at St. John's.  The weather is supposed to be good for the church picnic on Sunday.  Please check the Parent Bulletin for specific details, but I know this is always a fun opportunity for fellowship.  Many fifth graders have either kindergarten or eighth grade siblings who had their graduations this week.  These are always such special events for our students. 

I have some special things planned for next week for the fifth graders, including an in-school field trip on Thursday morning.  Thursday afternoon I would like to take the kids to Wilson Park for an end-of-the-year picnic.  We would walk over, eat our lunches, and play at the park.  This would give us opportunity to use all those sports skills we've been doing in gym, especially tennis.  We can easily walk there, but we do need some parents to join us both on the walk and at the park.  Please let me know if you are able to join us.

Sometime next week the fifth graders will be going up to the third floor to check out High School Prep.  I love how excited they get to spend time with the HSP teachers and learn about what they'll be doing next year.  Also look for some summer homework to come home!

Next Friday is our last Chapel service of the year, and afterwards the kids will be receiving various awards.  Please plan on joining us, if you are able.  Everyone will be dismissed around 10:40.                  

Blessings to you and yours this weekend!


Fifth Grade News - May 24th

Sadly, my days with these fifth graders are slipping away, but I'm trying not to think about it.  I know you probably think I say this every year, but I don't - I have truly enjoyed every day with this great bunch of kids.  They are bright and enthusiastic, and, on most days, really well behaved.  They make teaching a pleasure!  I've enjoyed watching them grow academically, socially, athletically, and especially in their faith.  Every teacher should be blessed with a class like this! 

While they are bright and enthusiastic, they do work on the slow side (mainly because they want everything to be done correctly), but we did manage to get stuff accomplished this week.  We talked about prayer in our devotions and Religion lessons.  In Math we started a unit on percents which everyone caught on to pretty well.  In Language Arts we worked with those pesky prepositions and did the Spring writing assessment with Mr. Bouman.  This is one area where I've seen great improvement - we really have done a lot of writing this year.  In Reading we started a new novel - historical fiction set during World War II which is our next Social Studies unit.  In Science the kids made power points to share information with the class and them we made a Kahoot to see what everyone had learned.  I didn't get to my Art lesson about Robert Indiana and his LOVE sculpture, but the kids did have Spanish, Music, Library, and Computer.  The kids who didn't finish MAP testing last week also finished those up this week. 

Thanks again to the Allen, Bohus, Clemente, Friend, Hoyos, Kelly, Radcliff, and Wagner families for providing us with the PTL coupon that we cashed in on Friday.  The kids had a great time!

Next week is a short one with Memorial Day, but there is still much to do, including starting a new unit in Math, and starting one last writing project.  Don't forget - the sports fiction book project is due next Friday, May 31st. 

Please be sure to check the Parent Bulletin for all kinds of end-of-the-year information. 

Blessings to you and yours this holiday weekend!     


Fifth Grade News - May 10, 2019

What a busy week we've had!  We finished up several things - poetry unit - adding and subtracting fractions - and started more new things - adverbs - multiplying and dividing fractions.  In addition we continued with our Religion lessons, read more in our novel, discussed the Civil War, worked with the periodic table and demonstrations, and played various forms of baseball.  Besides all that we helped move all the leftovers from the rummage sale to the donation truck - we made a preview visit to the book fair - and we had our monthly Chapel Family activity on Friday.  Not to mention Spanish, Computer, Music, Library, and a special grammar lesson with Mr. Bouman.  No wonder the days go by so quickly!  

And next week will be busy as well.  We will be taking the Spring MAP tests Tuesday through Friday.  We take one test each day, and we will be doing them in our room on the Chromebooks.  I'm anxious to see the progress the kids have made since the Winter tests, especially in Math.  

Also next week, on Wednesday, we will finally be able to visit the residents at Harmony House.  The flu ban has been lifted!  If you are able to drive, would you please let me know.  We leave after Chapel and return by 11:30.  The kids and I have been praying for the folks there, and I'm so glad that we get to make one last visit this year. 

Be sure to ask your child about the sports fiction book project.  We put the requirements on a Google Doc, including the due date which is Friday, May 31st.  The reading of the book and the project need to be done entirely at home this time.  Thanks for your help with this project.

Thanks to everyone for the appreciation being showered on me this week.  It's a joy everyday to be a teacher, but the sweet gifts and kind words are such a nice reminder of how blessed I am to be a part of the St. John's family.  

Happy Mother's Day to everyone this weekend.  It's been fun to hear the kids talk about how important their moms are in their lives and why they love them so much!


Fifth Grade News - May 3rd

Today marks the mid-point of the fourth quarter, and mid-quarter reports will be available next Friday after 3:30 on Fast Direct.  The kids have been doing a great job, but turning in homework can still be a problem for some.  Please be sure to check my daily e-mail so you know what your child should be doing for homework.  

Today is also the conference track meet, and eleven of our twenty fifth graders will be participating.  I think this is such a fun event because not only does it give the kids a chance to use their running and jumping talents, but it gives them a chance to meet and talk with students from other schools.  Thanks to Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Runge, and Mrs. U. for all their hard work getting the kids ready for this meet.

This week we started several new topics - the Holy Spirit in Religion, Honus and Me in Reading, the Civil War in Social Studies, Elements and Matter in Science, and Baseball in PE.  We also finished up Adding and Subtracting Fractions in Math and Poetry in Language Arts.  We will be having a Math test on Tuesday next week, and then we will start the unit on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions.  I will also be giving the kids information about their last book project.  They chose books for this project when they went to Library on Thursday  This project needs to be done at home, and will be due Friday, May 31st.  

Some dates to remember:  the Spring MAP testing will be done the week of May 13th.  The fifth graders will take one of the tests each day Tuesday through Friday.  We will be using the Chromebooks and doing the tests in our room.  Also that week I'm hoping (and praying) that we can go to Harmony one last time.  I've contacted the activity director to make sure that we can visit, and I will let you know when I hear for sure if we can go.  If you are able, we will need drivers for that day.  We don't have school Monday, May 27th due to Memorial Day, and Friday, June 7th is our last day of school.

This Saturday is the annual St. John's Rummage Sale, and boy do we have a lot of rummage.  I know that a lot of help is needed for this event - both beforehand and on Saturday.  If you are need of service hours, this is a great chance to help out.  Please contact Mrs. Mackie for further information.

I hope that you had an enjoyable Easter break.  It was fun to hear about all the many places the kids were able to visit and the things they got to do.  Myself, I just enjoyed spending time with my family and reading books.  But I also was glad to be back at school because THERE'S STILL SO MUCH TO DO!

Blessings to you and yours this weekend!  


Fifth Grade News - Easter Edition

I asked the fifth graders to tell me what Easter meant to them, and here are their answers:


Easter is . . . 

celebrating that Jesus has risen,

a time with family and celebrating Jesus,

all about Jesus dying on the cross,

a celebration of Jesus rising,

a time of good candy,

a time to celebrate when Jesus was risen,

a celebration for God's resurrecting from the dead,

a time to give thanks that Jesus has risen,

a time where we celebrate Jesus dying for us and rising again,

a time that God sent Jesus to come save us, and we should give thanks to that because He saved us from sin, death, and worries,

Jesus dying on the cross and saving us from our sins,

a time when Jesus saved our sins,

a time when we celebrate when Jesus died on the cross, saved our sins, and rose,

a time to celebrate Jesus washing away our sins and dying on the cross,

a time to remember what Jesus did for us,

a rememberance of what Jesus did for us, and that we don't have to use lambs any more for a sacrifice,

and a time to celebrate when God rose for us and died on the cross.


I love that our kids, while enjoying Easter candy and Easter break and time with their families, truly understand what Easter is about - remembering everything that Jesus did on our behalf.  And we are blessed to be in a school where we can freely talk about Jesus and give thanks to him everyday in prayer.  

Blessings to you and your family as we celebrate Easter and enjoy a week away from school!