Sixth-Grade Class News

Rachael Kretschmar, Sixth-Grade Teacher


19 May 2017

Sixth Grade News

We’re almost to the end of the year, can you believe it? Just a few reminders for you as we approach the end of school:

Service hour forms need to be turned in by June 2nd.

Next week Friday will be the last newsletter that goes home.

Friday, June 9th is closing chapel, parents or grandparents are welcome to join us for the service!

The church/school picnic is on Sunday, June 4th at Linne Woods @ 10am.

Happening in Class:

Science - We finished our study in the book of the Solar System. On Monday, we will be starting a project based on the planets. It will be worked on in school.

Social Studies - The final States & Capitals test will be on Friday, May 26th. If students do not pass it with an 80% the first time, they will need to re-take it.

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, May 23rd

1 Corinthians 11:26


12 May 2017

Sixth Grade News

Mid-terms will be released today. If you have any questions/concerns about your child’s grades, please let me know.

There will only be a memory work verse on Tuesdays for the last four weeks of school.

Ice cream social/book fair is tonight! I hope to see you there!

Happening in Class:

Math - Math Group 1 will have a test on Tuesday.  Both Math Group 1 & Math Group 2 will then be on a unit studying probability.

Science - If you haven’t sent in the money or permission slip for the planetarium field trip, please do so next week. It is $10.00 per child. Also, we finished our study of the Solar System and will be taking a test next week Friday. It is cumulative for all the Solar System

Reading 2 - The Giver-Utopia Project is due on Tuesday, May 16th.

English - We will have a test on chapter 7 (Verbs/Forms) on Tuesday, May 16th.

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, May 16th

John 6:35


28 April 2017

Sixth Grade News

The sixth grade class will be going to the Adler Planetarium on Tuesday, May 30th. If any parents would like to help chaperone, they are welcome to do so, I just need to know as soon as possible. I will send a permission slip home next week when I know what our transportation will be.

If you are able to help at the Rummage Sale on Saturday, it would be appreciated! You can contact Mrs. Mackie at

Happening in Class:

Social Studies - We have finished our study of World History for the year. For the remainder of the quarter we will be studying Geography and taking a States & Capitals test.

Math - Math Group 1 will finish their study on number patterns and functions early next week and then take a unit exam.  Math Group 2 has a test on Monday on data variability.  Then they will begin a unit on probability.

Reading 2 - We will be finishing The Giver this week.  Afterwards, we will create a project that demonstrates our learning, as well as watch the movie and compare the two.  Also, two book-talks are due by the end of the quarter.  Sign up now!

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, May 2nd

Acts 2:42

Due Thursday, May 4th

What is the Sacrament of the Altar?


7 April 2017

Sixth Grade News

If you gave me information about wanting a zoo membership, they will be mailed to you in about one month.

If you or your child need service hours or would like to help, the rummage sale is coming and they could use some help. They are looking for help on Thursday 4/27/17 from after school through 8 pm and then again on Friday 4/28/17 from after school through 9 pm. If you are interested in helping, you can contact Debbie Mackie at

Happening in Class:

Social Studies - The cathedral is due on Monday!

Science - I assigned an outer space creature project today, it is due on Thursday.

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, April 11th

Psalm 51:1-2

Due Thursday, April 13th

What is Confession? What sins should we confess?


31 March 2017

Sixth Grade News

The zoo field trip is on Tuesday next week. Remember, we are not getting picked up from the zoo until 3:30 so we will be getting back to school around 4:30 pm.

I would like to take the 6th grade to the Adler Planetarium at the end of May but because we are going to Medieval Times later this year, the field trip fund will be used up. Can you please let me know if you would all be okay paying $10 to send your child to the planetarium?

Happening in Class:

Social Studies - The cathedral project is due on April 10th.

Science - We started our study of space this week. We will be covering all the topics in the book and then will take a final space test.

English - There will be a Chapter 6 test on Thursday.  It will cover subject/verb agreement, as well as pronoun/antecedent agreement.

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, April 4th

Galatians 2:20

Due Thursday, April 6th

Baptism 4