Sixth-Grade Class News

Rachael Franklin, Sixth-Grade Teacher


12 April 2019

Sixth Grade News

I will not be sending a newsletter home next week since the following week will be Spring Break.

I pray you all have a Blessed Easter and a wonderful spring break!

Happening in Class:

  • Social Studies - The ABC book is due on Monday. They have had all week during class to work so they should be close to done if they aren’t already. As a wrap up to Ancient Rome, we will be watching the movie Ben-Hur next week.

  • Geography - There will be a Europe map test on Thursday, April 18th.  The study guide went home today.

  • English - Advantage/Disadvantage Essay final draft is due on Monday.

  • Math 1 will take their Geometry Unit 2 test on Monday. They will then begin a unit on studying and interpreting data in graphs.

  • Math 2 will be working on Chapter 9, "Probability".

  • Algebra will continue to work on Chapter 11, "Radical Expressions & Equations".

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, April 16th

John 6:47-48

Due Thursday, April 18th

Romans 10:17


5 April 2019

Sixth Grade News

Third quarter grades will be released today. If you are not able to access them, please contact the office.

If you are willing, we are asking for donations of Brach’s classic large jelly beans to be brought in next week.

Happening in Class:

  • Social Studies - On Monday, I will be assigning the project for Ancient Rome. They will have class time to work on the majority of it.

  • Science - There will be a test over chapters 2 & 3 on either Friday, April 12th or on Monday, April 15th.

  • English - We have been hard at work this week with our Advantage/Disadvantage Essays. Rough drafts will be due on Wednesday, with final drafts turned in on Friday.

  • Math 1 will review their second unit on "Geometry". The concepts that they will review are 3D solids, volume, symmetry and graphing ordered pairs.  They will take a test on Thursday.

  • Math 2 will finish their unit on  "Data Analysis". They will have a Chapter 8 test on Tuesday.

  • Algebra will have a test on Tuesday as well on Chapter 10, "Quadratic Functions & Formulas".

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, April 9th

Colossians 3:12

Due Thursday, April 11th

Galatians 6:14


29 March 2019

Sixth Grade News

Today was the final day of the quarter. Grades will be released next week Friday after 3:30 pm. If you are not able to see your child’s grades, please contact the office.

I will be emailing MAP results next week as well so please keep a look out for those to emails.

Classes will be structured slightly differently in the morning next week because of our project based learning in the afternoon. This way, we won’t be missing a lot of the core classes.

Happening in Class:

  • Project Based Learning - On Monday the 5th-8th graders will start a PBL week.  The four grades will be split into 8 groups and will be given a task on Monday of a project that will need to be completed and presented on Friday night.  We are keeping the project itself a surprise from the students, so be sure to get the details from your child on Monday. We are looking forward to a great week!

Memory Work:

None next week due to our different schedule.


22 March 2019

Sixth Grade News

The end of the third quarter is Friday, March 29th. Please refer to FastDirect to see if your child has any missing assignments. If copies are needed, please have your child ask at the start of the week. I will not make any copies of missing work after Wednesday.

Service hours are also due next Friday.

All math classes need to make sure to have all missing assignments, corrections, and signed tests in to Mrs. Runge by Friday, March 29.

Happening in Class:

  • Math 1 will be studying "Solids" next week and we will focus on finding the volume of rectangular prisms and cylinders.

  • Math 2 is working on Chapter 8 in their textbooks. They are studying data analysis. They will spend next week surveying and collecting data on students of St. John's.

  • Algebra will continue their study of Chapter 10, “Quadratic Equations & Functions”.

  • Geography - There will be a cumulative test of Latin America on Thursday, March 28th.

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, March 26th

Galatians 3:11

Due Thursday, March 28th

TItus 3:7


15 March 2018

Sixth Grade News

The end of the third quarter is fast approaching. Please remember that service hours are due by that date, as well as any missing homework from the third quarter.

Donations for our Disney auction basket are due next week!

Happening in Class:

  • Math 1 will wrap up their first "Geometry" unit with a test on Wednesday, March 20. They will then begin another "Geometry" unit focusing on 3D objects.

  • Math 2 will review for a test on Wednesday, March 20 on Chapter 7, "Surface Area & Volume".

  • Algebra will wrap up their study of Chapter 9, "Polynomials & Factoring". They will also take a test on Wednesday, March 20

  • English - We have moved from the 6-Traits of writing into the textbook where we will be looking at how to better our writing conventions. A chapter test will follow-the week of March 25th.

  • Science - There will be a test on chapter 1 about Earth’s atmosphere on Thursday, March 21st. The study guide was sent home today.

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, March 19th

Romans 5:1

Due Thursday, March 21st

Colossians 3:13