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8 March 2019

Sixth Grade News

The end of the third quarter is on March 29th. Please remember that service hours are due by that date, as well as any missing homework from the third quarter.

Next week Friday, the HSP students will be taking part in a “Coffee House” chat and are allowed to bring something to drink during that time (soda, coffee, etc.) During this chat we split up the boys and girls and spend about a half hour talking about different social issues from a Christian perspective.

Happening in Class:

  • Math - Pi Day is on Thursday, March 14 (3.14). Throughout next week each class will work with circles or circular forms in a variety of activities. Each student is encouraged to bring in a circular treat to share with their class on Thursday for the actual Pi Day celebration.

  • Reading 2 - We have finished our novel, The Best Bad Luck, we will now be making collages that demonstrate our understanding of both characters and themes the book presents.

  • English - We have completed our study of the what the 6-Traits are; we will now have a culminating test on the 4 main parts of all of them on Tuesday.

  • Geography - On Tuesday, there is a South America map test. There is a review on Google Classroom.

  • Social Studies - We have started our study of Ancient Rome. We will be working through two chapters of the book before taking a test.

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, March 12th

Psalm 147:11

Due Thursday, March 14th

Hebrews 11:1