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17 May 2019

Sixth Grade News

Reminder that service hours are due on Friday, May 31st.

Please check FastDirect and take a look at your child’s missing assignments report. They have until june 4th to turn in any missing homework. If they need copies, they need to ask for them before May 31st.

Happening in Class:

  • Social Studies - The Cathedral project is due on Monday!

  • Geography - There will be a test on Europe on Thursday, May 23rd. They will also be assigned a Europe country project on Tuesday, May 21st which will be due the following Tuesday (May 28th).

  • Math 1 will work on measurements, both US customary system & the metric system.

  • Math 2 will spend some time working on learning how to use Google sheets.

  • Algebra class will continue to study Chapter 12, Rational Expressions.

  • English - We will continue to work on persuasive writing this coming week. Students will start taking their topics and research and putting an essay together.

Memory Work:

Due Tuesday, May 21st

Philippians 4:6

Due Thursday, May 23rd

1 Thessalonians 5:15-18