Kindergarten Class News

Kindergarten Teacher, Leslee Johnson




-We started off our week with a reading stamina party.  Children took their book boxes and flashlights inside a table tent to read books with a friend.  The children worked very hard to earn their party.  It took about 15 days for them to be able to read their books for 15 minutes without interruption.  They needed to do this 3 times in order to earn their stamina party.  So proud of them!

-We also practiced our sight words and words in the/at/ word family for reading.  In math we continue to work on recognizing 2D shapes.  For science and social studies we have been talking about fall on the farm.  We focus on living and nonliving things and the needs of living things.

-For Jesus time we had the story of Joseph (Genesis 41:37-45:15).  We want your child to know that sometimes we do not understand why things happen to us, but we know that God never stops loving and caring for us.


-Snack Reminder:  Monday-Andrea, Tuesday-Aris, Wednesday-Avery, Thursday-Elijah, Friday-Evie.

-Lunch Volunteers:  Thursday- Pancorvo


-In the Friday Folder you will find the scheduled time for your child’s parent-teacher conference.  Conferences will take place on November 1 and 2.  There is no school on November 2.  If you need to change your time, a list of open times is attached to the conference note.  I will try to get you as close to your requested time as possible, but cannot promise an exact time.  Thank you for your understanding.  I look forward to meeting with you.

Enjoy your weekend.  Blessings!




“Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens.”  Psalm 36:5


-We had a busy week of fire safety activities.  We went to the fire station on Tuesday for a very short trip.  The engine and ambulance were called away to an emergency shortly after our arrival, but we still had a wonderful walk and enjoyed the short time with our firefighter guide.  A big thank you to the parent volunteers who walked with us.

-Thank you to our firefighter dad for coming in to talk to us about fire safety.  The children were particularly interested in hearing about his air tank and the noises it made.

-We also met with our chapel buddies on Friday morning to make cards for Phil’s Friends and of course we got our exercise for the walk-a-thon on Friday afternoon.  Thank you to all of the adults who helped with this event.


-There is no school on Friday for a teacher conference.

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Nia, Tuesday- Reilly, Wednesday-Abner, Thursday-Zoey.

-Lunch Volunteers: Monday-Wright, Thursday-Pancorvo.

Enjoy your weekend.  Blessings!








“The Lord is faithful to all His words.”  Psalm 145:13


-Our theme this week was fall.  We had a variety of literacy, writing, science and art activities to go along with our theme.  For Jesus time we continued our story of Abraham and Sarah with lessons about the birth of Isaac (Genesis 21:1-7).  Just as Abraham and Sarah laughed for joy when God answered their prayer, may your heart be filled with joy at recognizing God’s grace in your life, especially through His gift of a Savior.

-A new word list for reading is in the Friday Folder.  Please practice these words with you child at home. 


-Our theme will be Fire Safety.  We will walk to the fire station on Tuesday.  We will not go in stormy weather or if caution is indicated because of a jury verdict.   A permission slip is in the Friday folder.  Please return this on Monday in the blue and white Friday folder.  Children should be in dress code as usual. A dad of one of our kindergarten friends will also be coming in to talk about fire safety and his job as a firefighter.

-The walk-a-thon is on Friday afternoon.  Details are in the Parent Bulletin.  If you are walking with us, meet in the classroom no later than noon.

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Grace, Tuesday-Henry, Wednesday-Mrs. Johnson, Thursday-Joshua, Friday-Madelyn.

-Lunch Helpers: Monday-Benedict, Thursday-Pancorvo

Enjoy your weekend.  Blessings!





-We practiced our sight words and letter sounds, had a new reading book, worked on writing number 3, started a science unit on apples and seasons, and tried to determine if gingerbread cookies are living or nonliving.  Ask your child for the scoop on our final decision!

-For Jesus Time our story was about Abraham.  We want your child to know that God gives us all that we need for our body and life, especially the blessing of the Savior.

-Library books were brought home on Tuesday.  Remember, books will be returned to the library every Tuesday.  Books may be kept in the school bag until library day.  Children who return their books on Tuesday will get to check out a new book.

-October reading logs are in the Friday Folder.  As mentioned at our parent meeting, children are to color or X one of the small pictures after reading or being read to for at least 10 minutes.  Completed reading logs should be returned to class on the last school day of the month. 


-Snack Reminder:  Monday-Aris (Happy Birthday!), Tuesday-Avery, Wednesday-Elijah, Thursday-Evie, Friday-Gabriella.  The October Snack Calendar is in the Friday Folder.

-Lunch Volunteers: Monday-Wright, Thursday-Pancorvo 


-Volunteers are needed for the walk-a-thon on Friday, October 12th in the afternoon.  More details to come from PTL.

That’s it for this week.  Have an awesome weekend.  Jesus loves you!




-We had our first reading workshop, worked with ten frames in math, talked about living and nonliving things for science, and are working on a book during writing time that we will edit throughout the school year. 

-For Jesus time we had the story of Adam and Eve and the fall into sin.  We want your child to know that God loves us even when we disobey.  God loves us so much that he gave us a Savior to take our sins away.  We give thanks for all of God’s blessings!

 -If you have a chance, stop by the kindergarten hallway to see our Mondrian masterpieces!


-Snack Reminder: Monday-Reilly, Tuesday-Abner (Happy Birthday!), Wednesday-Zoey, Thursday-Aria, Friday-Andrea (Happy Birthday!).

-Lunch Volunteer Reminder:  Monday-Wright, Tuesday-Rosu, Thursday-Rivera.


-Our first reading books were brought home this week.  This book was practiced in school and should be proudly read to you by your child.  It is okay if your child has memorized the text.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of honoring memory reading as a bridge to independent reading.  You can also help your child learn concepts about print when you practice at home if you have them point to the words as they read.  If you child has difficulty with this, try pointing just to the first word, or read together with your child to support them.  The more positive and intentional reading sessions are, the more easily and naturally children will begin to internalize reading behaviors.  Kindergarten students will be in reading groups based not only on ability to read sight words, but knowledge of letters and sounds as well.

Have a great weekend.  Jesus loves you!