St. John's Clothing Donation Collection Box Program

Benefits NID & CLEF Lutheran affiliated institutions*

St. John’s Lutheran Church & School’s Board of Christian Education has teamed up with Clothes for Charity, Inc. (C4C) to provide an exciting new way to help meet the goals and needs of various NID and CLEF affiliated schools and organizations*, and at the same time, lend a helping hand to the community. It’s been a huge success and we’re pleased to be in a position to expand the program to benefit your organization as well!

What does C4C / St. John’s partnership do for your institution? 
  • St. John’s coordinates and administers the program for all participating organizations, including coordinating box location/placement and distributes proceeds on a monthly basis.
  • St. John’s will provide a placement form template for you to use to solicit box locations.
  • St. John’s will make available copies of our policy (which may help in the design and implementation of the program for your institution).
  • Trained C4C drivers will pick-up clothing and shoe donations placed in the Clothing Donation Collection Boxes every day except Sunday.
  • They will also ensure that the immediate area surrounding our boxes remains clean and neat. 
  • C4C assumes all costs, labor, insurance and liability for these boxes.
  • C4C will customize the box signage with your organization’s name and logo
What does your organization need to do?:
  • Get your members involved in securing box locations to benefit your org.
  • Make sure you read and understand the box placement form (it tells you everything you need to know to be able to tell potential box hosts about the program).
  • Forward the forms for box locations to St. John’s so we can arrange delivery (typically within 30 days).
  • Make sure you maintain the relationship with the businesses hosting your boxes. Report any overflowing box, make sure your members thank and support the business supporting you, get them involved in other areas (lot’s of outreach opportunity once there is a relationship).
  • Decide how to use the funds! St. John’s will send you your proceeds once a month. Make sure your membership knows how you’re benefiting—it encourages others to find new locations.
  • When requested by a donor, provide thank you letter for tax purposes.

Some program participants:


Clothing BoX Locations

Please support these businesses!



Note - our box at Pete's Automotive will be back after completion of their construction project!




or call the school office, 773-736-1196


* And other select organizations such as The Women's Center and Camp Awana