Direct deposit formDIRECT DEPOSIT GIVING F.A.Q.


What is direct deposit giving?

  • It is a convenient, safe, and simple way to make regular church offerings to St. John’s without the need to write checks, carry cash, or prepare envelopes.

How does direct deposit giving work?

  • It works the same as the automatic payment methods used by most families to make mortgage or utility payments.

What is involved in signing up for direct deposit giving?

  • Complete authorization form with banking account information.
  • Submit a voided check for checking account donations.
  • Indicate first and last donation date on authorization form.
  • Select the fund(s) and amount(s) where you want your donation to be applied.
  • Select the frequency of your donation.

Can changes be made to my direct deposit giving?

  • Yes, changes to your direct deposit giving can be made at any time including:
    • Amount of donation
    • Distribution of donation (Church at Home, Church at Large, Debt Reduction Fund, etc.)
    • Frequency of donation (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.)
    • Suspending or terminating donation

How quickly can changes be made to my direct deposit giving?

  • Once submitted online, changes can take effect in as little as two days.

What happens to my authorization form for my direct deposit giving?

  • We are required to keep the original documents for seven (7) years

Direct deposit form