Gottesdienste der Gemeinde:


Gottesdienste der Gemeinde sind nur in der englischen Sprache.

Sonntags um 8 und 11 Uhr, und um 18 Uhr.





Um Ihnen behilflich zu sein, bitte wenden Sie sich schriftlich an die Sankt Johannes Kirche, 4939 W. Montrose Ave., Chicago, IL 60641 oder rufen Sie die Telefonnummer 1-773-736-1112 (USA) an.

Es tut uns leid; unsere
Sekretär kein Deutsch sprechen.  






Single Festival Divine Service for the Epiphany of Our Lord

5 January 2014 at 10:15 a.m.

“Und die Heiden werden in deinem Lichte wandeln.”  Jesaia 60,3.  Perhaps you will understand it better as:

“And nations shall come to your light.”  (Isaiah 60:3 ESV)

 For 137 years, the Gentiles (nations) have heard the Gospel and come to the Light of Christ in the German language here at St. Johannes Gemeinde.  For many decades now, the Light shines in English, as well.

 Throughout the early 20th century, every LCMS pastor still had a strong command of German.  The pastors who are fluent enough to officiate liturgy and write and preach sermons auf Deutsch are now in limited supply.  With the retirement of the Rev. Juan Berndt, and the great budget crunch under which we live at St. John’s, it is not possible to call an associate pastor with great German skills.  It is too much to ask Dr. Kreiss to take it on entirely.  Other pastors nearby who could help, would not be available on Sunday mornings, and would necessitate rescheduling further worship in German to another day and time.

 Thus, with heavy hearts, and after hours of discussion among the elders, we will conclude our weekly German service, by hosting a joint, single Festival Divine Service at 10:15 a.m. on Epiphany Sunday, January 5, 2014

During this time we will give public thanksgiving to God for those who have served this facet of our congregation, including the most recent ensemble of Pastor Juan Berndt, Dr. Paul Kreiss, Musicians Mark Eggert and June Berveiler, and the usher staff: Henry Friedrich.

We thank God for the many years He has blessed our parish with giving His Gifts with His Word in German.  We look forward to special occasions in the future that will make use of this again, whether Christmastide Liederfests, Good Friday services, or other festivals and events.

Remember all of St. John’s members and friends in your prayers.  And remember that this has never been a separate congregation.  We welcome all of our Deutsche Freunden with open arms!



Montrose and Lavergne Avenues, Chicago