Here are some speeches and comments of some of our 8th grade graduates. Have a look and hear what our students have to say!


1953 Graduate Remembers

Long Overdue Thank You To All The Staff Present and Past

I graduated from St. John's in 1953, the foundation in Christ that was laid by my teachers and parents have held me up through many things. I served in the military for 11 years including two tours in Vietnam and one in Korea, and then moved on for a 29 year career in law enforcement with the Los Altos Police Dept. in California.  I have been blessed with two fantastic children (both now in their 40's) and survived a divorce with the woman I thought the world rotated around. I know I could not have survived any of these things were it not for the foundation in Christ my Lord that was given to me by my parents and the teachers at St. John's.

At the time the 8th grade teacher and Principal was Mr. Becker, 7th grade Mr. Meyer, and 6th Grade Mr. Michael, all of which helped shape the boy I was and the man I have become. I know that there is a large gap between 1953 and 2012, and I have no idea why these memories came flooding over me today, nor what drove me to look up St. John's on the internet. But now that I have found you I guess I just want to say keep up the good work.  You may not see much of a reward in whoever is sitting in front of you right now, heaven knows I was a handful, but the foundation you are laying will last a lifetime....I know it has for me.

I can no longer thank all those that influenced me back in the 50's, but I thought if I thanked all of you now for them, it just might help you remember that what you're doing is so important and will last a lifetime.

Theodore W. Hoppenrath Jr.


The Class of 2012 - What they are thankful for!

Below are excerpts from papers the students were asked to write, regarding things they are thankful for in their lives.

"Last but not least, I would like to express how thankful I am for my Christian education.  I am so lucky to be able to spend my grammar school years in such an amazing environment.  Being able to be raised in a Christian environment is truly priceless.  It is here that I learn about all God's miraculous things in my life."  Thomas C. - 2012

"I am thankful for my teachers.  They help me so much when I have troubles in life and they give me advice to help me get through anything."  Chris D. - 2012

"Also, I'm thankful for an awesome school, along with great teachers.  I'm thankful that I'm being taught in a Christian school that cares about their students.  If not for my teachers, I wouldn't be where I am today, and I wouldn't have learned to push my self and to be all that I can be.  I love how all my teachers get to know and come to care about each student, so that each student can value their education and learn how to make the most of our talent and skills, so that we may get a good career one day.  One day I'll have a great job that I'll love and it will be all because of them."  Amanda J. - 2012 

"One other thing I am very thankful for is my school, teachers, and the people I have met at St. John's.  I love St. John's.  This school is amazing.  My teachers are so helpful and caring.  The people I have met at St. John's are so amazing and I have learned from so many of them.  My friends have brought me closer to Jesus Christ."  Jenna W. - 2012 

"I am so thankful for my parents caring about my education.  I go to a school that you can talk about God as much as you want and pray.  Some schools you can't talk about God and that is sad.  I am thankful for all my teachers.  All of my teachers teach me about God everyday.  Most of the time, when we're not paying attention, the lesson that we are doing has God in it.  I'm thankful that our class can do a devotion every morning and start our day off with God."   Mike W. - 2012 

"Lastly, I am thankful for our awesome school.  St. John's is a great school.  I am blessed to have gone here my whole life and received a Christian education.  We have the best teachers in the world.  It's nice having teachers who care so much about us."  Steve Z. - 2012 


Thank you from Kalyn S., 2012

"The other day a few of my friends were saying how they felt so unprepared for freshman year and that their grade schools never taught them anything.  I can't count the things I learned at St. John's, not only academically, but spiritually and just about life in general.  I just want to thank you guys because I felt very prepared for this year.  I was blessed in so many ways from my 2 years at St. John's and a lot of those blessings came from you guys.  I could not have asked for better teachers and role models.  So thank you...I love you all very much."


Salutatorian Speech, Benjamin H. - 2012

Honored guests, faculty, staff, Board of Christian Education members, friends, and family, on the behalf of the Class of 2012 of St. John's Lutheran School, I welcome you to our commencement exercise.  At this time I would like my classmates to join me in saying the St. John's Mission Statement.

St. John's Lutheran School exists to help families pass their faith in the Lord Jesus

to their children through a Christ-centered education program

and to help the children fully develop their God-given gifts.

In my mind, St. John's has fulfilled all of this during my time at this school.  St. John's helped us grow in our faith, and it immensely helped us develop our God-given gifts.  This Christ-centered educational program allowed us to be open about our faith, and talk freely of our Savior in the classroom.  Our teachers helped us build our character, making us our own individuals by teaching us new things and helping us be the best we can be.

The theme of the Class of 2012's Recognition Dinner was "A Leap of Faith".  In many ways, we are about to take "A Leap of Faith" into high school.  Without the guidance of the teachers and staff at St. John's, we would have gone in blindly, scared to jump, but with our teacher's help, love, and inspiration, we can take this leap of faith head on, knowing Christ harnesses us to Himself as we zipline into our future.

The class verse is Colossians 2:6-7.  "So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness."  The Holy Spirit worked through St. John's to have us receive our Savior, and he also worked through our teachers to root, build up, strengthen, and be thankful for our faith.  We can confidently move ahead into high school taking all of these gifts with us!


Salutatorian Speech, Stephanie I., 2012


Thank you for coming here today.  I would like to thank you all for everything that you have put into this school year.  As parents, teachers, siblings, and friends, you have helped make this year better for us.

First, I would like to thank our parents, who paid for our education at a Christian school.  They love us and only want the best for us.  I would also like to thank our teachers, Miss Bahr, Mr. Benedict, and Mrs. Borrasso for all they've put into this year, all they've taught us, and all they've cared.  They put in their time, care, and love to teach us.  They never gave up on us, even when we seemed hopeless.

I would also like to thank the other teachers who put their everything into this year.  Mrs. Rocans, the fifth grade teacher and my volleyball coach.  You actually got me to hit the ball over the net.  Mrs. Heinz, our music teacher, who we could not have done the musical without.  Mrs. Mayrens, my chapel family leader, Frau Dr. Fiedler, our German teacher and science club leader, and all the other teachers.  You've all helped us succeed and made this year great.

Now, I would like to address the class.  Sir Winston Churchill once said, "Never give in – never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.  Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."  I want you all to remember that whatever happens in high school, never give in.  Don't let people take advantage of you, and don't give in to peer pressure.

I would like to end with another quote from Sir Winston Churchill.  "This is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."  Remember, even if it seems that we have worked hard these past years, we still have much more to learn.  It is not the time to give up.  It is actually time to start working harder.  Thank you.