New Illinois Tax Credit Program

Please help provide much-needed tuition assistance to current St. John's students, and those who would like to attend but don't have the financial ability.

PDF Program details and instructions

Empower Illinois - How to Donate Tutorial from Yokai Films on Vimeo.


Note:  There are three steps to the donating process and they are time-sensitive. They are:

  • Register - you must register to receive a PIN by email that will enable you to participat.
    Go to and
    • Click "Individuals" button near top
    • Next, click “Request a Letter ID” under the “Miscellaneous” section.

    • Complete Pin Request process:

    • You will receive your Letter ID in 7-10 business days.  Once received, return to and complete the donation sig nup proces.

    • Follow steps two (reserve - spots are limited) and three (donate - must be within 60 days).
Please choose St. John's Lutheran School as your recipient school.
Note - This is a brand new program and process managed by the State of Illinois.  Please contact Dr. Hendricks at 773-736-1196 if you need help with this process or have any further questions.  

Thank you for your support!!