Kindergarten Class News

Kindergarten Teacher, Leslee Johnson




-We learned about keeping our teeth healthy, worked on 3D shapes, had a new book and practiced /ix/ and /ox/ words.  For Jesus Time our story was about the widow’s mite -

(Luke 21:1-4).  We want the children to know that we can trust God to take care of all our needs just as the widow in the story did.  She gave all she had as an offering to the Lord, trusting that He would provide all she needed.


-We celebrate Dr. Seuss with activities centered around his many books.

 -Snack Reminder: Monday-Angelina, Tuesday-Caitlin, Wednesday-Mia, Thursday-Ellie, Friday-Rhoderic.

-Lunch Volunteers for next week: Monday-Pritts, Wednesday-Ward, Friday-Galindo.  See you at noon!  The lunch schedule for those who volunteered is in the Friday Folder.  Thank you for volunteering.


-Joey is home from the hospital.  He will be recuperating at home for another week.


-Check the Friday Folder for volunteer opportunities for our “trip to Hawaii”.  All volunteer forms should be returned no later than March 15th – earlier if possible.

-On Tuesday, March 28 and Wednesday, March 29 children will be able to dress for and bring things for our Hawaiian vacation.  Children may wear or bring to change into…. shorts, colorful shirts (no non Hawaiian slogans or pictures…may wear solids, flowers, stripes, ocean & beach pictures), sundresses, bathing suits and cover ups, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, beach towels, kahki or colorful pants (no jeans).  No sandals or flip flops.  Socks must be worn.  It’s a fun time for the children, so start gathering your things now so we will be ready for our big adventure.

Have a good weekend.  Jesus Loves You!





-Once upon a time there was a kindergarten class that listened to many fairy tales.  They practiced retelling, characters and setting in reading, performed skits, and participated in art and writing activities to go along with the stories.  They also saw an awesome play at the Stahl Family Theater, and they all learned happily ever after!

-In math we started a unit on 3D shapes.  This week we were introduced to cone, cube, cylinder and sphere.  We will also take a look at pyramids and rectangular prisms in weeks to come.

-For Jesus Time we had the story of Jesus blessing the children.  We want your child to know that Jesus welcomes all children to Himself, offering them forgiveness, love and blessing.


-We will talk about Dental Health and continue to work on 3D shapes.

-February Reading Logs are due on Tuesday.  The March Reading Log is in the Friday Folder.

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Maya, Tuesday-Marisa, Wednesday-Avery, Thursday-Jaden, Friday-Brielle (Happy Birthday!).  The March Snack Calendar is in the Friday Folder.

-There will be a special day on Tuesday to raise money for Rare Disease Day.  We were introduced to this cause last year when one of our students was diagnosed with a rare disease.  We continue to show our support for her and her family by participating in this fund raiser.  See the Parent Bulletin for details.


-List 7 of the sight words is in the Friday Folder for those who are ready for a new list.  Review lists are also in the Friday Folder for those who need review.

-The form for lunch volunteers through the end of the school year is in the Friday Folder.  If you want to volunteer please fill out the form and return it in the Friday folder or no later than 3/1.


-We continue to pray for Joey who remains in the hospital as of the writing of this note.  We also pray for Mrs. Oros, Maya’s mom, who broke her leg.  May God strengthen them and give peace to the families knowing that they are in His care.


-Mark your calendars for the annual kindergarten “trip to Hawaii”.  Parent volunteers will be needed on March 28 & 29 from @10:15-11:30.  Children will be able to wear vacation clothes on these two days and donations of materials for our “trip” will be needed.  Details will be in next week’s Kindergarten News.

Have a good weekend.  Blessings!                  





-We enjoyed lessons about our skeletal system, began our work with /o/ word families and worked on equal shares and tally marks in math.  A big thank you to Mr. DiLiberto for coming in the speak to the class about bones.  The children really enjoyed his presentation.

-For Jesus time we had the story of Jesus choosing His disciples.  Just as Jesus called these men, He has called all of us to be His helpers, to share His love, and to tell others about Him.


-It’s the 100th day of school on Thursday, and our week will be filled with many counting and number activities.  For our Thursday afternoon snack we will be having the pizza party we won for collecting the most box tops.  It will be a fun culmination to our 100 days of school celebration.

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Angelina, Tuesday-Joey, Wednesday-Caitlin, Thursday-Mrs. Johnson, Friday-Mia.


-Our classmate Rhoderic remains in the hospital.  He is beginning to show signs of improvement, although he was still undergoing medical procedures.  Please continue to keep him and his family in your prayers. 

That’s all for this week.  Blessings!




-Happy Lutheran Schools Week!  The children enjoyed many fun activities this week. They also worked with their 8th grade buddies to write thank you letters to the St. John’s congregation for providing our awesome school.

-Report cards were sent home today.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

-February reading logs and new word lists were also sent home today.  If your child is struggling to learn our first and second quarter words, they will not be given a new word list until they are consistent in reading the words already given out. 


-We are back to business with a full week of school and a regular schedule for next week.

-Reading Logs are due on Tuesday.  Our monthly reading celebration will take place on this day.

-Snack Reminder:  Monday- Maya, Tuesday-Marisa, Wednesday-Brielle, Thursday-Avery, Friday-Jaden


-The February Scholastic order form is in the Friday folder.  If you want to order books, please return the order form with cash or a check made payable to Scholastic Reading Club no later than Friday, Februarys 3rd.  You may also order online at  The one time online code is P872P.  Online orders will be accepted through February 4th.


-Many thanks to all who were able to contribute in some way to this project.  Realizing that the price of Enfamil is rather high, we have put coffee cans in the classrooms to collect coins from the children which will be used towards buying more Enfamil for these moms in need.  We will be collecting until February 3rd

Enjoy your weekend.  Blessings!




-We started a unit on Penguins, read new books, reviewed words, practiced writing sentences, and worked on equal shares in math.  For Jesus time we had the story of the boy Jesus in the temple.  We learned that God’s Word is what helps us do work for Him.  His Word is full of examples of what it means to be God’s child, and God’s Word gives us power to serve Him.


Monday-Carson & Collins, Tuesday-Max, Wednesday-Zoe, Thursday-Samantha, Friday-Julissa.  The February Snack Calendar is in the Friday Folder.


-All children sing in church this Sunday.  Children sit with their parents.  They will be called forward to sing at the beginning of the service.  Hope to see you there.

-It will be a fun week with many special activities and dress up days.  Classrooms receive points for the children who dress up, with a winning class announced at the end of the week.  Thank you for helping your child to participate in these activities.

-VIP Day on Friday.  Be sure to read the email from PTL.  VIPs go to the gym when they arrive.  They will be sent to the classrooms later in the morning.  Also, please fill out the classroom rsvp for this day to indicate how many VIPs are coming for your child or if your child would like to share a VIP with a classmate.  The rsvp is in the Friday Folder.  This will help me prepare for the correct number of chairs for the guests in the classroom.  This is also a half day of school.


-We will have a Valentine party on February 14th.  Children should bring valentine cards to pass out to the class.  Be sure to send 17 cards, 18 if you are including your child.  If you would like to write classmates’ names on the cards, see the list on the back of this note.  If you choose to do this make sure you print and use correct spelling so your child is able to deliver the cards themselves.  Of course it would be best if your child wrote the names.  However, classmates’ names do not need to be written on the cards.  It is optional.  Your child should sign their name on each card.  Children may also bring a small treat or trinket to share – NO NUTS OR RED 40.

See you Sunday.  Blessings!