Kindergarten Class News

Kindergarten Teacher, Leslee Johnson




-We followed up on our force and motion learning with some magnet fun.  There was magnet fishing, car races and mazes and free exploration of magnets.  We wrote about what we learned in our journals.  We reviewed 3D shapes for math and practiced our March sight words in reading.  For Jesus time we had the story of the widow’s mite.  We want your child to know that we can trust God to take care of all our needs, just like the widow in the story did.


-We will have a wee bit of St. Patrick’s Day fun in our reading, writing and math activities.  We will continue to work on writing first and last names, review addition and number naming above 20, and work with the/ed/ word family

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Mrs. Johnson, Tuesday-Livia, Wednesday-Shylar, Thursday-Emily, Friday-Jordy.


-For those who offered their help and donations for our “trip to Hawaii”, you will find what you are scheduled to bring in the Friday Folder.  Classroom help for Tuesday, March 20 is filled.  There is still room for adult help on Wednesday, March 21 from 1:30-3:00 if you are available.  Thank you for donating and volunteering.

That’s all for this week.  Have a great weekend.  Jesus Loves You!




-Our topic this week was dental health.  The children were busy reading, writing, and using numbers as we explored our topic.  We also reviewed February sight words and are ready to learn new words.  In math we started looking at 3D shapes, and we learned a poem to help us remember the names of the shapes.  We also met with our 8th grade buddies to play Candy Land.

-For Jesus Time we had the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.  We want your child to know that God sent Jesus to care for all our needs, including eternal life.


-We will explore magnets, begin working on our new sight words, and continue to work with 3D shapes.  The children are also working on writing their last names from memory, a goal for kindergarten students.

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Evelyn, Tuesday-Dhereck, Wednesday-John, Thursday-Evan, Friday-Mrs. Johnson.

-Thursday evening, from 6:00 to 7:15 pm, is the registration reception for all families for next school year, hosted by the BOCE.  Free dinner and childcare are provided.  Hope to see you there.

That’s it for this week.  Enjoy your weekend.  Blessings!




-We were very busy studying the “ If You Give a…” books of Laura Numeroff.  Our essential question was: How do all these books begin and end?  Be sure to ask your child what they learned.

-For Jesus Time we had the story of Jesus blessing the children.  We want your child to know that Jesus welcomes all children to Himself, offering them forgiveness, love and blessing.


-We will be talking about dental health, working with 3D shapes, and doing a review of all sight words before introducing new words at the end of the week.

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Mrs. Johnson, Tuesday-Shylar, Wednesday-Emily, Thursday-Jordy, Friday-Mrs. Johnson.  The March Snack Calendar is in the Friday Folder.


-As reported earlier, each class is responsible for making a project to be sold at the auction.  If anyone has any ideas or would like to help with this project, let me know.  Also, remember that kindergarten is responsible for a “brown” basket.  Anything you can help with in this area would be great.  You may send donations to the office or classroom.  Thanks for all you do!

That’s all for this week.  Hope to see you this evening for the Early Childhood Family Author Night beginning at 6:30 pm.  Blessings!




-It was another busy week filled with writing, addition, and reading activities.  For a special treat on Valentine’s Day we did STEM activities in a “Minute-to-Win-It” style.  Thank you so much for all the valentine surprises.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and the children had a wonderful time at the party. 

-For Jesus Time we had the story of Jesus changing water into wine.  We want your child to know that Jesus is powerful and compassionate enough to care for our every need.


-We will study author, Laura Numeroff, in preparation for our family author night on Friday.

-There is no school on Monday for President’s Day.

-Snack Reminder: Tuesday-Mrs. Johnson, Wednesday-John, Thursday-Evan, Friday-Livia.


-Remember, Friday, February 23 is our family author night.  We will pay tribute to author Laura Numeroff through a variety of activities.  Early Childhood (PS-K) children and their families are welcome to join us for the fun.  Please fill out the RSVP in the Friday Folder if you plan to attend.

That’s all for this week.  Have a great four day weekend.  Blessings!






-100, 100, 100!  Our week was filled with the number 100 – in reading, writing, snacks, STEM, and of course math.  The children brought home their Zero the Hero books today.  We made a page every tenth day of school and added some of our 100 work.  Did you know that a googol is the number one with 100 zeroes? 

-For Jesus Time we read Psalm 100 and praised God with singing and instruments.  We also had the story of Jesus Calming the Sea.  We learned that Jesus cares about us and what we are going through.  He is always with us.


-There is no school on Friday.  Teachers will be attending the Urban Teachers Conference at Concordia University.  On Monday, February 19th there is no school for Presidents Day.

-Children should bring their valentines in on Wednesday for our valentine party in the afternoon.  Children may also bring a small treat or trinket to share with the class.  We will be doing STEM activities with candy hearts for our “party games”.

-Snack Reminder: Monday-Emily, Tuesday-Jordy, Wednesday-Evelyn, Thursday-Dhereck


-Remember that the Early Childhood Author Night is Friday, February 23 starting at 6:30 pm.  We will be celebrating author, Laura Numeroff.  Early Childhood families will meet in the Fellowship room, then rotate between the early childhood classrooms doing activities.  The evening will end back in the Fellowship Room with more activities and snacks.  Hope to see you there.   

Blessings on your weekend.