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Father's Day 2015 Memorials

In Memory of Fathers Called Home


ALEX WEIMER, by Judy & Jim Weimer

ALEXANDER R. KLEIM, Jr., by Linda Kleim

MAX MISSNER, by Linda Kleim


WILLIAM WILCOP, SR., by Lori & Larry Pahlke

DAVID PETERSON, by Violet Anderson

HERBERT T. WIANS, by Aurelia Burkett

DONALD K. BURKETT, by Aurelia Burkett


KENNETH WALDMANN, by Doug & Karen McLane

PAUL LUEDERS, by Mrs. Helen Lutz

JACOB LUTZ, by  Mrs. Helen Lutz

PHILIPP HEGEL, by Carl & Margarete Giess


HENRY GIESS, by Carl & Margarete Giess

FRIEDRICH KARIUSby Carl & Margarete Giess

FRED GRIESMANN, by Sue Griesmann

HAROLD SALM, by Judy & Jim Weimer


GEORGE TOPEL, by Elaine Fink

FRED WEITH, by Paul & Laura Weith

JOHN KABERLEIN, by Paul & Laura Weith

EVERETT BURHITE, by The Wheeler Family       


ROBERT GOLLWITZER, by The Wheeler Family

RICHARD WHEELER, by The Wheeler Family

PETER GEGEANIS,  by Luanne Gegeanis

ROY SCHNUR, by Cheryl & Dominick Margentina


CLARENCE KLAWITTER, by Dorothea Klawitter

EDWARD H. DEBS, by Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Stryker

HERBERT BAISCH, by John & Annie Zemba

EDWARD STAGL, by Laurene Lohman    


ROBERT REARDON, by Thomas & Robert Deahl

FRITZ SCHUBERT, by Thomas & Robert Deahl

AL LEMKE, by Gordy & Leslee Johnson

HARRY GAEDE, by Lauer-Adams Family


In Honor of Fathers

RICHARD SNYDER, by Susan Snyder

ROBERT BROWN, by Debbie O’Connor

JOHN MOORE, by Anya & Buffy

DAN FRIEND, by Jen, Josh & Hayley Friend