In the Scriptures and in the early Church, we see many and various ways that the Lord uses the talents and abilities of His children.  Not all are pastors.  Not all are teachers.  Dorcas sewed clothes for the poor.  Lydia provided for the local congregation to meet in her home.  Joanna, Susanna, and Mary Magdalene gave financial gifts to support Jesus and His disciples.  St. Ambrose was a governor in the Roman empire, before the Lord called him as bishop of Milan.

God has given the people of St. John's various talents and gifts.  How can He use you and your fellow members to benefit the Body of Christ gathered here?  Please consider how you can serve the Lord by working together with us!

Pastor Richard Heinz

Elections for officers and board members to serve for 2017—2019 will be held at our next Voter's meeting, date to be announced, but sometime in May . Please submit your recommended candidates by Friday May 5, 2017 using this form. Nominations may also be submitted to the nominating committee, any board chairperson, or any council member.

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