When you stop and think about it, St. John’s is not merely a beautiful set of stone and brick buildings on the corner of Montrose Ave. & LaVergne Ave. in Chicago.  St. John’s is far more than an easily found, handicapped-accessible school and church.  The school and parish of St. John’s are all about the people gathered here in the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ!  Forgiven and renewed, we share His mercy, and witness His Gospel, as we live this life together.


Martin Luther once wrote: “Thank God, today a seven-year-old child knows what the Church is, namely, the holy believers and lambs who hear the voice of their Shepherd.” (Smalcald Articles, XII,2.)  The people of St. John’s are blessed to be a congregation and school within our Lord’s “one, holy, catholic (Christian) and apostolic Church” (The Nicene Creed.) 


Please enjoy browsing these pages, getting to know the people that God has gathered here!