Welcome to St. John’s SCP Program Fundraiser

For some of you this is new and some of you are old pros, so here is an overview for everyone:
SCP = School Coupon Program  [think of it as “the Gift Card Program”]
How it works:
  • You place an order for gift cards (using the sheet).  These gift cards can be for your everyday expenses as well as gifts.  Anywhere you can pay with a gift card, if we have it for purchase, you can get it.
  • We are able to order gift cards for a discount.  You still pay for the regular face value of the cards you order.  
  • We issue you a rebate voucher that you may apply to various funds in our school and church, such as:
    • Your Tuition here at St. John’s or Luther North!!! (One of the most popular choices)
    • You can give it back to the PTL.
    • Apply it to the Church debt reduction account.
    • You can also give it to the Agape or HK Endowment Funds (both of which help students who otherwise couldn’t afford to be here at St. John’s the opportunity to attend)
On the order sheet you will see %’s – this is the percent you will get back for your order.  We always round down to the nearest cent in cases of ½ a cent.
Basic Rules of the Program

  1. You must pay for your cards before they will be given to you.  
  2. We will do our best to get the cards to you in the most timely manner possible, but cannot guarantee a delivery date  nor can we guarantee that we will have all cards in stock at all times (Except for standing orders, which will be filled at the agreed upon frequency).
  3. Someone will be available at church on Sunday’s during coffee hour (9am – 10:30am) whenever possible so that you may purchase card from them or place an order.
  4. You may also drop off your order to the office or send it with your student to school – Just make sure to mark it Attn: SCP


New for this Year:

You may place a standing order!!! 

Questions? Email: ptlscp@stjohnschicago.org

Click here for SCP Order Form