Dear Parents:

St. John’s needs your help!

The student enrollment season is upon us, and we are excited to spread the great news of St. John’s. Want to help? Show these flyers to as many people as possible, and tell them why St. John’s is such a great fit for your family! Be creative! Post them in your church, bring them to your health club, leave them at the park, take them to the shopping center, or share with your friends and neighbors.  It’s all about getting people to see the flyers and contact the school to hear more about what we have to offer.

Now, the big question… What’s in it for me?  Well, there’s a space on the form for you to enter a name which identifies you or your family.  If a person with your form enrolls a full-time student into St. John’s, you get to split-a-grand with them.  Both families get a $500 tuition credit!  It’s just that easy! Want to earn more? Get more flyers from the office – the more you show and tell, the more you can lower your tuition!

Questions? Call 773/736-1196 or email

Click here for the flyer.

Thanks in advance for your help, and let’s spread the word together!


Daniel Friend

Admissions & Marketing