Sterwrdship Sunday FAQ


Luther on Tithing and Stewardship


Dear St. John’s Parishioner:


The Stewardship Committee invites you to Stewardship Sunday 2017:

It’s here again; our annual Stewardship Sunday!  It doesn’t seem like it has already been a year since we gathered together to enjoy a good meal and hear about missions in the Dominican Republic. 


Our third annual Stewardship Sunday will take place with a single service on Sunday, January 15th at 10:15AM with Bible Class beginning at 9AM.  Pastor Dan Gilbert will be our guest pastor and presenter at the FREE luncheon immediately following the Divine Service.  Please come and celebrate with us; there’s a lot to celebrate.

God is doing great things at St. John’s.  Giving has been up consistently over the last two years.  We are continuing to make strong progress on paying down our mortgage.  Take a moment to imagine the possibilities once that debt is gone.  We are now contributing regularly to District Missions, which is something we haven’t done well in the recent past.  And that is just on the financial side.  Bible Class is full.  The number of children and babies continues to rise.  We had our first First Communion this past year.  There is a lot to celebrate and thank God for.

The Stewardship Committee continues to work to help and encourage the members of St. John’s toward Biblical stewardship of all He has given us.  One goal is assisting the Budget Committee by providing concrete numbers in order to permit a more accurate budget.  We also seek to educate members in various financial matters to allow us, as a congregation, to be the best stewards in all vocations. 


Being a member of St. John’s and a brother or sister to those in our own congregation is a vocation that we all share.  Many also have vocations that provide income, of which God tells us that a tithe, or the first 10% is His.  He also tells us that is only the beginning and that giving is not something to do grudgingly, but cheerfully out of the abundance that He has given us and recognizing that it is all His anyway.  Our other vocations also provide us with other ways to give.  There are those that serve in official ways on boards and committees and those that are always quietly at work behind the scenes.  There are those that give companionship and show love to their neighbors through acts of kindness.  There are many who use the skills gained and used in other vocations to care for the building and people at St. John’s.  There are always opportunities to serve your brothers and sisters at St. John’s with your time and talents.


Praise God, that by His grace alone, we are able to be cheerful givers.  Praise God that He has placed us in this time and in the place to do His work.  May He continue to teach and strengthen us through His word and sacraments here at St. John’s for many years to come.


We look forward to celebrating with you, the many gifts God has given and continues to give us as the forgiven children at St. John’s


To the Glory of God,


The Members of the

Stewardship Committee