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Are you nervous about visiting a new church?  Most people are.  St. John's hopes to make you feel comfortable and welcomed as you worship with us.  We offer the following questions and answers to help calm any fears and clear up any common questions.  Is there something we have left unanswered?  Please contact us.

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Absolutely!  Visitors and members alike are always welcome to attend! 

June through August, enjoy some of the continental breakfast at "Coffee Hour" in Ellinger Hall at 8:00 AM.  At 8:15 we begin Bible Class with all ages attending. Enter via doors 5 and go down the stairs.

September through May, "Coffee Hour" is in Ellinger Hall at 9:00 AM, following 8am Divine Service.  At 9:30, Bible class and Sunday School begin. Enter via doors 5 and go down the stairs to Ellinger Hall. The Fellowship room is at the opposite end of the long hall way that bigins at the back of Ellinger Hall. Anyone will glady help you find it.

+  Children may proceed down the hall to the Music Room for an opening song or devotion, and then their teachers will take them to their classroom. 

+  Adults meet in the Fellowship Room, in the school basement.


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