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Are you nervous about visiting a new church?  Most people are.  St. John's hopes to make you feel comfortable and welcomed as you worship with us.  We offer the following questions and answers to help calm any fears and clear up any common questions.  Is there something we have left unanswered?  Please contact us.

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No, but allow us to explain.  We do not offer "children's church" precisely because we are a child-friendly parish.  Children belong with the entire family of God, receiving Jesus in the Divine Service.  If you have small children, we encourage you to sit toward the front of the church, so they can better see and hear what is taking place.

Children's bulletins with biblical pictures and words are given to families as they enter.  Quiet bags are also available at the entrance.  Also, be sure to take a few moments before the service to discuss with your child the sights and sounds they are experiencing in the church. 

The (unstaffed) nursery in the church basement may be used as a "cry room," where you may calm your child, or where mothers can nurse.  A speaker is in the room, so you can continue to hear the service live.  But once the child's needs are met, we encourage you to return upstairs to the service.  The sooner and more regularly a child is in the Divine Service, the sooner he/she will begin to learn and appreciate the patterns of movement, silence, prayer, and song.

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