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Are you nervous about visiting a new church?  Most people are.  St. John's hopes to make you feel comfortable and welcomed as you worship with us.  We offer the following questions and answers to help calm any fears and clear up any common questions.  Is there something we have left unanswered?  Please contact us.

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If you are not a confirmed Lutheran, you join by attending catechesis classes ("adult instruction.")  These sessions engage in studying the Bible, using Luther's Small Catechism.  (The Catechism is a topical summary of the Christian faith, drawn from the Scriptures.)  Sessions are offered each Fall and Winter. 

If you are Lutheran, you can simply join by transferring from a sister LCMS congregation, of by reaffirmation of faith, for those joining us from other Lutheran bodies. 

Please contact the church office with any questions about your situation, or for information regarding the next Catechesis schedule.  (773.736.1112 or

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