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Are you nervous about visiting a new church?  Most people are.  St. John's hopes to make you feel comfortable and welcomed as you worship with us.  We offer the following questions and answers to help calm any fears and clear up any common questions.  Is there something we have left unanswered?  Please contact us.

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On Sundays, you will find two main areas to enter the church.  From the parking lot across Montrose Ave., you can see the front doors of the church.  A set of doors on the LaVergne Ave. side of the bell tower also lead into the narthex (church "lobby.")  For those with handicapped accessibility issues, a ramp leads to the lower level by the flag pole outside the school.  Once inside, you can take the elevator to the 1st floor and proceed down the hall to the church.

The church basement, with its Parlor and Ellinger Hall at the west end, is the location of our Coffee Hour between services.  Adult Bible Study is down the hall, in the Fellowship Room at the east end of the basement, and Sunday School rooms are throughout the school building.

The school gymnasium is next to the church itself, and can open up for overflow seating.  Church and school offices are across the hall from the gym. 

Plenty of signs are posted throughout the building, aiding you in locating most rooms.  Also, our members and staff are happy to answer questions and give directions.

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