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What Is "St. John’s, Mayfair," anyway?

What communities does St. John’s serve?

St. John’s is near the edge of boundaries drawn for Chicago neighborhoods. We are located in the northeast corner of Portage Park. The Six Corners shopping district, Irving Park, Albany Park, Jefferson Park, and Forest Glen are all in close proximity. Within Albany Park is the smaller “unofficial” Chicago neighborhood of Mayfair. The closest Metra station to St. John’s is the “Mayfair” Station.

Sometime in the distant past, to help distinguish from other congregations by the same name, St. John’s acquired the nickname “St. John’s, Mayfair.” No one really knows how or why it came about, but for a few generations the nickname stuck, especially among other Lutherans in northern Illinois. Former Walther League (youth group) members from other Lutheran parishes will still refer to us as “St. John’s, Mayfair.” Most of the younger or newer members of St. John’s are unfamiliar with this name, however, and know our church home simply as “St. John’s, Chicago.”

Among Lutherans, there are no hard and fast rules about parish boundaries. Many of our members live right here in these immediate neighborhoods. Yet others come from Bensenville, Harwood Heights, Des Plaines, Mt. Prospect, Park Ridge, Northbrook, and various other suburbs and villages. No matter where one lives in Chicagoland, s/he may become a part of St. John’s.