St. John's Young Artist Program 

(1st grade through 5th grade) Sponsored by St. John’s Lutheran School

The Young Artist Program provides a basis to learn the foundations of art. Materials, techniques, concepts, and processes essential to understanding visual arts and the role of the artist will be explored through a series of activities and projects.

Children acquire new skills that include color theory, painting, multi-media, watercolors and more. Children are also encouraged to experiment and develop an individual voice. Our focus is learning to enjoy, appreciate and create art. We look at different styles, cultures and periods of art, as well as create our own masterpieces inspired by the elements of art, principles of design and famous artists.

The arts are an important factor in developing a well-rounded student. Art is not only an essential part of many common core curricula but also connects students to different  cultures and provides a vehicle to develop aesthetic values. Critical thinking and problem solving skills which are not developed in other subjects are also gained via art-making.


  • Cost: $150 per child for one 10 - week class session
  • When: Tuesdays from 3:30pm to 5:00pm starting on October 17th.
  • Where: St. John’s Lutheran School @ 4939 W Montrose, Chicago. - 3rd.floor Art Room
  • To Enroll, email:

Class is limited to
15 children

Claudia Laska has been teaching art in private and institutional settings since 1997. She currently teaches afoundations of art class at Columbia College Chicago in the Interactive Arts and Media department. She has taught there since 2002. She earned a BA from the University of Chicago as well as an Associate Degree in Fine Art from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. A native of Hyde Park, Chicago, Ms. Laska currently resides in the Portage Park neighborhood.